DNA Repair, Ageing, Longevity & NAD


Embark on an exploration of the fascinating interplay between DNA repair, ageing, and longevity. Shining a spotlight on the essential role of NAD. Uncover insights into how nurturing DNA resilience contributes to a healthier and enduring life.





  • DNA-Damage-And-DNA-Repair

    The Role of Lifestyle Factors in DNA Damage and DNA Repair

    Studies show that the human cell DNA goes through several thousand to a million damaging events in a day that are generated by both internal and external factors. These factors include exposure to UV rays, toxins, pollution, etc. Fortunately, our body has a natural repair mechanism that works by identifying and fixing damaged DNA. However, …

  • NMN DNA Repair: The Role of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide Supplementation in DNA Repair and Anti-ageing

    The integrity of the nuclear genome is central to the health of the cells and organisms. DNA damage is a constant threat as nucleic acids are vulnerable to attack by endogenous and environmental factors. As we age, the ability of our cells to mend DNA deteriorates, the reasons for which are not clear as yet. …

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